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By | 24 April 2014

Yawcam (Yet Another Webcam Software) is an opensource Windows software for webcam monitoring.

It works with all Windows versions, i tested it Windows 8.1 64 bit without any problems.
It’s written in Java and required JRE installed.
From Language page you can also download translations.

Once started the webcam should be recognized, otherwise you can use the Settings menu. It supports built in notebook webcams, USB webcams and wireless webcams IP cameras.
With a useful control panel you can activate/deactivate the main features of the program:

File – the images are saved in JPG (default)/GIF/PNG locally (you can specify the path in the settings)
Ftp – the images are saved in JPG (default)/GIF/PNG and uploaded in a FTP server (you can set the connection parameters in the settings)
Http – you can watch the snaps of webcam in browser (you can refresh via the browser)
Stream – it’s the same with the difference that you can watch the streaming live
Motion – allows to enable/disable motion detect

The main feature is to watch by remote. To know the addresses to use go to Help -> What’s my URL?
You have two different, one for http and the other for the stream (they use differents ports, the first 8888 and the second 8081).
A very useful feature is the motion detect, once activated you can set events that will be triggered once the software detect move.
By opening Windows -> Motion Detect you can see/clean/delete captured snaps and in the Actions tab define the events (save file, ftp upload, send e-mail, run a program, play a sound).


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