6 best photo sharing services

By | 4 September 2013

If you are a photographer or simply you just love photos you don’t must miss these best web services for hosting/sharing photos.



Famous service by Yahoo that counts over 87,000,000 users.

1TB storage (200mb max file upload size per photo,JPEG, GIF, PNG and TIFF formats supported) and you can download original files.

iOS, Android and Windows Phone native apps are available.



Flickr direct competitor, it counts over 1,500,000 users. There are 3 plans available, the free one allows 20 uploads per week, personal store to sell photos in the market and two paid plans.

iOS and Android native apps are available.

Each photo must be under 50mb and JPEG format. You can’t download original files but you can download them by using one of these 3 options.



Born as iOS and Android app and to apply photo effects, acquired by Facebook, it counts over 100,000,000 users.



Photo sharing service and social network, it counts over 11,700,000 users.
There aren’t upload limits, the only limit is the photo width (554px max).

iOS and Android native apps available.


Picasa Web Album

Google service that counts over 500,000 users.

15GB free storage, you can buy additional space at montly price.

Photos are uploaded at standard size (2048×2048 max), but there is also a full size mode for desktop uploads.

Windows and Mac native apps are available.


Community with over 25,000,000 users.
The free plan allows 2GB space (Premium plan is 10GB), the upload limit is 30mb per file.
You can sell your works.

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