Free and opensource soft July 2013

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Most interesting July free/opensource software links:

BZR Player audio player with the support of over 480 different sound formats

8Smoker Pro Windows 8 optimization software

VPNium free VPN software for secure and anonymous web browsing

Media Sniffer it allows to sniff URL of video streaming (it requires WinPCap)

Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit security tool

Emsisoft Free Emergency Kit malware emergency kit that helps to remove malware, its portable and runs from boot

HotShots a screenshot and annotation tool

Metatogger modern editor of audio file tags (support mp3, ogg, Windows Media)

Oxynger KeyShield anti keylogger virtual keyboard

Quick Disaster Recovery quickly recover problems that was created by viruses/malwares

RIOT program designed to efficiently optimize images for the Web

Sismics Reader lettore di feed RSS moderno e multipiattaforma

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