3 solutions to host giveaways in your web site part 1

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Do you own a web site or blog and would like to start a contest for your visitors/readers?

I show you 3 services suitable for this purpose that easily allows to create contests, then you can include where you want within code to embed.


This is the service that i actually use here in Simo blog. Easy to use and effective for my needs.

Once registered and logged in you can create the contest by filling the form

It’s a good idea that you can choose to start from scratch or from an ended contest.

The fields to fill are few and intuitive:

– giveaway name
– prizes
– options to partecipate (see screenshot)
– set start and end date/time
– termis and conditions

The options available are various: tweet about the giveaway, like a page on Facebook, follow in account on Twitter, create a poll / survey, join a mailing list, pin an image on Pinterest, follow on Pinterest, leave a blog post comment, invent your own option.
Moreover for each option you can set a point value and if it’s mandatory or not.
There is also a “viral sharing” checkbox, it allows to get an extra entry if an entrant refers to a friend.

Once finished just click “get the widget” button and copy the code provided (it uses Javascript)

You can also istall the widget in a tab of a Facebook page. Moreover within a simple link provided other people can embed your widget too where they want!

The widget has this behaviour

Visitors can enter the contest within Facebook or with their e-mail address.

Naturally you can edit all the fields elements whenever you want.

A nice feature is “moderate entries” button. With this button you will get a table with the data of all entries and with another button you can also export to Excel.

At the end of the contest in the Rafflecopter’s widget page you can pick winners (they will be extracted using Random.org) that will be show automatically in the widget.

There are also 2 paid plans, “blogger” and “business” that offers more advanced features

In the part 2 the second service, PunchTab, will be analyzed.

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