Windows 8 top new features

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Windows 8 RTM (Release to Market) of the new Microsoft operating system will be released on 26 October, the main new features are:

– new Modern UI, also known as Metro (pic. 1)
it’s the start screen where you can not also run the classic desktop but you can open apps, access the Windows Store and download other apps (pic. 2), open mail client, start Bing search, open browser, listen music, view videos/photos and many more

– no longer Aero interface (pic. 3)
the famous transparency featured on Windows Vista and 7 has been replaced by a flat and “squared” interface Metro like style

– ReFS (Resilient File System) new file system that ensure more reliability and integrates an auto correction data system, it’s designed just for data storage, so it can’t be used on bootable disks and removable media. It will be integrated in Windows Server 8, where in the desktop-client version will be read only

– Charms Bar (pic. 4)
is the Metro style bar that appears on the right when you point the mouse on the top and bottom right corners. It allows you to access the search, Share, Start Screen, Devices and Settings

– Ribbon (pic. 5)
The new Windows Explorer interface

– WinRT (fig. 6)
Windows Runtime is a UI model programming that includes the new Metro look and a set of API that allows to interact with hardware and uses these programming languages: HTML/Javascript , C#/XAML, C++/XAML.

– Native support for ISO and VHD (Virtual Hard Disk – format used by Hyper-V or Virtual PC virtualization software) mounting (pic. 7)

– Refresh and reset (pic. 8)
both allows to reinstall Windows but the first keep all the user data, applications and settings while the second no

– Integrated antivirus (pic. 9)
Microsoft Security Essentials is now integrated in the OS

– New task manager (pic. 10)

– Start button and Gadgets removed (pic. 11)
an hot corner has replaced the Start button orb in the lower left of the screen, when the mouse is over a little stylized image of the Start screen appears; Gadgets have been fully removed

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