Free and opensource soft May 2012

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The links to various free/opensource programs most useful and interesting of May:

Toolbar Cleaner useful programs that removes unwanted toolbars from browser

BUD Video Converter free programs for video conversion, dvd ripping, supports many formats

WinLaunch a porting of Mac OS X Lion launchpad for Windows

XSplit it allows to live-stream your events, record and broadcast your presentations

Z-DBackup software that allows to create/automatize backups of own files, free version has some limitations

X-Proxy it allows to surf anonymously, change your real IP address by chosing proxy from an automatic list, works with all common browsers

Wise Data Recovery fast and light program for file recovery, for XP, Vista, 7/8 (32 and 64 bit)

Tomahawk fully featured (eg. supports SoundCloud, Spotify, Jamendo streaming) and cross platform social audio player (integration with Jabber, Google Chat and Twitter)

LittleShoot plugin that allows sharing via browser, streaming P2P downloads, search in YouTube, BitTorrent, LimeWire, Flickr, download BitTorrent in your browser, supports all common browsers

CloseTheDoor it allows to identify all the listening TCP and UDP ports and the associated program files

Adapter image and video converter for PC and Mac, easy to use thanks to various presets, supports many formats, resolution control, advanced settings, capture images from videos

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