Commercial and free hosting control panels

By | 29 March 2011

When we talk about web hosting an important factor to consider when choosing is the control panel provided for site management, let see the most used (they are all commercial but generally they are included in the price of the plan you buy):

cPanel maybe the most used, isn’t cheap, but easy to use and it has a lot of features, it uses enough resources

Plesk available both for Linux and Windows, extendible features thanks to plugins, more cheap and it uses less resources than cPanel

DirectAdmin less used than other 2 products, but more cheap and very easy to use, uses less resources

You can find a nice comparison chart of these 3 at this link.

Even if generally they aren’t use from web hosting there are also free alternatives, i listed the best ones:

Webmin works both in Windows and Linux, it’s considered the best free alternative; it’s opensource and it has features near cPanel

VHCS compatible with many Linux distros, many features


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