Porting of famous mobile apps to PC

By | 20 December 2010

A recent trend shows that various native mobile apps thanks to their success were “ported” to desktop environment.

For example it’s the case of SPB TV, a famous free mobile app that allows to watch tv channels in streaming, you can use the desktop PC and Mac version directly from browser pointing to this address.
SPB TV Desktop allows to watch over 150 tv channels in over 20 languages, the architecture is based on Microsoft Silverlight technology.

Another example, even if it’s not a true 100% app, is the meteo widget of Sense UI developed by HTC, you can download it from this address (for Windows Vista/7, it required .NET Framework 3.5)

It’s a recent news of an upcoming pc version of the famous Angry Birds game!

And you know other famous mobile games/apps “migrated” to desktop?


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