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By | 20 November 2010

There are various tools both free and commercial to test web site performances considering a tot. number of users.

A simple and open source program, even if it’s old (release date 2001) but does the job well, is OpenLoad for Windows and Linux.
The program makes HTTP requests so generate traffic with the ability to specify a number of virtual users.

It works from command line:

openload [options] website 10

the options that you can specify are described here, where 10 is the number of virtual users simulated (by default is 5, naturally you can specify any numder desired)

I explain the most important “tags” of the output, Tps (are the requests completed per second), Resp time (is the response time), Err (% of errors), Count (the number of requests completed).

Another similar and useful and open source tools, only for Linux users, is httperf, this work from command line too.

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