How to setup remote MySQL db connection using HTTP tunneling for free

By | 12 November 2010

Hosting providers, like the one that host this site, provide online tools for database creation/management (cPanel, phpMyAdmin for example). many providers generally “ban” tools that allows to remotely connect to the db, for example desktop clients.

But there is a way to “bypass” this mechanism by connecting with http tunneling. In this way you can force the client to make a connection using http protocol, so the port 80 and so will not be blocked.

Lets see to do it with 2 free programs, EMS SQL Manager and Navicat Lite.

With the first, once installed, you need to copy emsproxy.php (you can find it in the folder where you installed the program) to your server. Then launch the program and go to Database menu and choose Register Database, here we must set connection parameters to our MySQL remote db and check the voice “use HTTP tunneling”. In the next step insert the full URL that point to upped php file and confirm.Then insert the db name and press Finish.
In this way we will be connected and we can interact with our db directly from our desktop client!

With the other program, Navicat Lite, is the same.
Once installed go to the folder and upload the file ntunnel_mysql.php to your server, open the program and click on Connection button then select MySQL. In the window that will appear insert all your db data, then go to HTTP tab and check “Use HTTP tunnel”; then insert the full URL of the php file uploaded and click ok (you can also Test connection before if you want).

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