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By | 12 September 2010

Giveaway of the day gives commercial software for free daily, so is possible to benefit of these promo for 24h.
In the unlucky circumstance of an accident (hard disk crash, problem that deny operating system to load, etc…) you can’t install anymore this kind of sofware as it can be just installed when the giveaway is up.
Giveaway of the day distribuite two kinds of packages:
– protected installation (generally 2 files: Setup.exe , Readme.txt), occassionally a serial key is included in the Readme
– unprotected installation with activator (generally 3 files: Activate.exe, Readme.txt, Setup.exe)

The first hack is about this second kind of distribution and it’s well explained in this nice article (italian but with images) of Giuseppe Pelligra that shows how to save license file generated by Activator.exe.
I wanna add a note: in the article is mentioned the program RegFromApp, i also wanna cite the opensource regshot that allows make comparison of Windows registry in 2 different times and to show the differences.

The second hack shows how to get the original setup / installer from Giveawayoftheday files

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