The trend of geolocation

By | 11 August 2010

Geolocation is a factor always more spreading on the web, but what is it?
It consists to geographically reference (geotagging) elements.
To understand this trend here is a list of pratical examples of sites, services and apps that use geolocation:

Dear Map service that allows to create/share own maps/tours

Gowalla, Foursquare, Booyah mobile apps that allows to post/share own position from own smartphone

WordPress Geo Mashup plugin for the famous blogging platform that allows geoblogging (examples here)

Flickr the famous photo hosting service has geotagging features

Browser Geolocation API the geolocation introduced in HTML5

GeoChirp web app that shows tweets from the points you click on map; Twitter includes geolocation features

Geomashable allows Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Bing and Flickr geotagging on iPad

PlaceOpedia allows to connect Wikipedia articles with their geolocations

Geotagged Youtube videos


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