Benchmarks and tools for modern video graphic cards

By | 9 July 2010

A series of free tools for modern video graphic cards: info, monitoring, tests, overclocking etc…


3DMark maybe the most famous benchmark software based on DirectX

ComputeMark the first available software for DirectX 11 testing

Heaven benchmark based on the advanced Unigine engine, supports DirectX 9, 10, 11 and OpenGL 4.0

FurMark OpenGL benchmark

FluidMark Nvidia PhysX and OpenGL benchmark

gluxMark 2 specific for OpenGL

GPCBenchmark evaluates the performance of OpenCL enabled devices with a collection of several algorithms and applications

various utilities:

GPU-Z famous utility video cards information

GPU Caps Viewer OpenGL and OpenCL info utility

NVIDIA Inspector specific utility for Nvidia graphic cards, info and overclocking features

EVGA Scanner info, stress test and benchmarks etc…

GPU shark gpu monitor utility


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