Keep Windows clean and lightweight

By | 28 April 2010

Doing punctual maintenance to OS (i refer about Windows in this article) it’s possible to keep it performing for long time.

Often happens that friends or other people ask me help to watch their pc because they are slow.
So lets see what are the suggested tasks to maintain Windows in good health:

– hard disk defragmentation: can be natively executed in Windows or with 3rd party programs (for example one is MyDefrag)

– remove junk files: delete all files you don’t need (backup, temp, etc…) and it can be done with 3rd party programs (for example Ccleaner)

– defragment and optimize Windows registry: with 3rd party programs like Eusing Free Registry Defrag and the already cited Ccleaner

– remove applications/services loaded at Windows startup: with native Windows programs like Task Manager, msconfig, Services (control panel) it’s possible to view the process that aren’t fundamental for operating system work and so can be deleted by reducing load time; it’s possible to use also third party programs like Start-Q

– uninstall not used software: remove files and programs not used and you can not also gain free disk space but also can improve fast in operating system. You can use Control panel applet or third party programs (like Revo Uninstaller)

– use software alternatives more lightweight: if possible try to use programs more lightweight about RAM memory consumption instead of others to perform your tasks and jobs

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