WordPress best open source CMS 2009

By | 28 November 2009

WordPress the famous blogging platform that i use here has taken first place in the Overall Best Open Source CMS category of Open Source CMS Awards 2009!

I think a legitimate won and it has nothing less vs other famous opesource CMS like Joomla and Drupal. From long time it’s considered much more than a complete blogging system.

So using it i want list the pro and cons that personally i find in this platform.

– easy to install, setup and use
– expandible (thanks to the bunch of plugins and integration with other systems eg. forums)
– themes (a lot and always in development both free and commercials)
– high customization
– very good online support

– too much PHP memory usage
– security problems (being a system widely used is it’s more under hacking and spam attacks)


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