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Here is a list of tools for blu-ray ripping (the process for convert blu-ray discs into popular video files), most of them are free:

MakeMKV DVD and Bluray decryption and conversion in mkv format

AnyDVD HD removes blu-ray and HD-DVD protections, shareware

RipBot264 (per Windows XP/Vista) it’s a simple GUI to convert in in MP4, MKV and BluRay disc, without worry about particular settings. There are existing profiles to playback on Ipod, Psp, Ps3, Xbox, BluRay. The software doesnt need installation, it needs Avisynth, FFdshow, HaaliSplitter and the .NET Framework. Input files supports AVI/MPEG/WMV/MP4/MKV HD-DVD and BluRay Disc.

meGUI it’s a program that allows to transcode video files in various formats and using various containers, it’s all-in-one (encoder video, encoder audio, demuxer and other interesting tools), all you need to encode in Mpeg-4.

A series of link-tutorials about bluray common operations:

Blu-Ray ripper blog with software and guides

RIBO labs guide to reencode blu-ray to MKV x264 with meGUI

Rip Blu-ray 12 different ways for blu-ray ripping

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