The best free code and text editors

By | 11 March 2009

A list/reviews of best free text and code editors for Windows, Mac and Linux!

Notepad++, for Windows, syntax highlight, WYSIWYG, tabs, plugins and many more

PSPad for Windows, multilanguage, optimized for developers, integrates an HEX editor too, FTP client and many more

TextWrangler for Mac OS X, can be used both as text and code editor, over many features it has also some “plus” like FTP support, etc…

Bluefish editor for Mac and Linux (and there is a version for Windows too), lightweight and fast, opens simultaneously 500+ documents, remote files support, etc…

SciTE for Window and Linux, fast and aimed for code editing, has standalone .exe version

jEdit for Windows, Mac and Linux, written in Java so it can be used in any S.O. that supports it, suitable for programming, plugins support, etc…

Geany for Windows and Linux, supports many types of files, code navigation and many more

Vim multi os, highly customizable text editor, it’s often called “programmer’s editor”, but is also suitable for any kind of text editing

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