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As is known the blu-ray discs are becoming so popular for the audio and video high definition. Well it’s a fresh news that DivX< format/a> in the new version 7 going to this direction. The new package now has codec H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC) with fully support of Blu Ray definition until 1080p. This means that now the software can generate compressed movies from Blu Ray supports, and also can be used as video encoder for the hi def.

For this occastion it has also been introduced a new certification called DivX Plus HD, that could be required by hardware manufacturers to grant compatibility of their readers with new features of DivX 7 standards.

Following a list of free Windows programs and tools in this field:

Blu-ray region code remover (utility to remove region code)

BDInfo (shows various info of blu-ray discs)

EVOdemux (demuxer of HD DVD streams, support XPL or EVO files)

SmartLabs TsMuxer (creates TS and M2TS files for ip broadcasting or to be watched in hardware video players like PS3)

TsRemux (remux streams utility)

eac3to (utility for convert EAC3 stream, in the forum thread are available other links to download also GUIs)

Blu-ray disc ripper (free ripper for WinXP/Vista)

Bluray Ripper (as below)

DumpHD (HD-DVD decrypter)

AACS Keys (reveals all AACS keys needed for decryption)

DVDFab HD Decrypter (HD-DVD and blu-ray decryption software)

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