WonderFox DVD Video Converter review and contest

DVD Video Converter is the award winning and flagship product by WonderFox for DVD video conversion in popular video formats.

Main features:

– support all encrypted DVD

the software is able to remove DVD copy protections including DVD CSS, region code, RCE, Sony ArccOS, UOPs, Disney X-project DRM and the latest encrypt technology DVDs

– support 100+ video formats

enable to convert DVD video to all popular normal video files or HD video files including HD AVI, HD MP4, HD MOV, FLV, HD WMV, AVI, MP4, VOB, MKV, WMV, MPEG, etc.
Convert DVD and (HD) video into portable devices

– 30X-50X Faster Conversion Speed with 0-Quality-Loss

batch mode and unique encode technology makes the conversion speed 30-50X Faster than before. What’s more, it supports Variable biteate (VBR) which offers better quality with smaller file size

– online video downloader

download online video from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Liveleak, metacafe and other popular online video sources.
Enable to choose high-definition source video to download from YouTube.
Enable to download 5 online videos at one time.

– video editor

Merge, trim, crop and add special effects on video

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Keep your CMS website safe from malware

Most internet web sites are built using open source CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento and because their popularity they are most exposed to hackers attacks.

You can keep your web site safe in these ways and limit/prevent these attacks.

– keep the CMS (and the theme and the plugins/extensions/modules) always updated

– don’t download/use themes and plugins/extensions/modules from unknown/untrusty sources

– don’t use nulled scripts (they are “cracked” commercial scripts)

– use security plugins/extensions/modules like Better WP Security, Bulletproof Security, WP Security Scan and Limit Login Attempts for WordPress, Admin Tools and RSFirewall! for Joomla, Drupal and Magento are enough robust by themselves but you can use these Drupal modules for an extra protection and Enhanced Admin Security or Two Factor Authenticator for the e-commerce software.

– use strong passwords (for admin panel, for database and for the FTP access)

– make regular backups of all files and database, so you can easily restore if your web site will be compromised

Optimize Windows 8 without any extra software needed

Windows 8 is an already performant operating system but with some simple tricks you can optimize it and make it more faster without any software need!

boot optimization

you can optimize the OS booting by disabling some services. Press CTRL+R then type services.msc.
You can understand services by description and choose to start them manually or automatically or set disabled. You can also refer to How-To-Geek or Computer Unleashed post and see a list of services that can be safely disabled

you can also disable some not needed programs from startup. Just open Task Manager and look at the startup tab

adjust visual effects

especially in old pc, you can set the adjust for best performances or for best appareance or set manually. In control panel -> System -> Advanced system settings -> Advanced tab and then select Settings under Performance section

disable live tiles

right click a tale in Metro screen, click the turn Live Tile Off button to disable

3 ways to remove advertising popus

Ads popups are very annoying, with these 3 methods you could get rid of them.

Method 1 – disable Javascript

often you just need to disable the execution of Javascript scripts in the site, particularly i suggest NoScript Firefox extension, NotScript for Chrome and Javascript Blocker for Safari

Method 2 – AdBlock Plus

extension for IE, Firefox and Chrome
right mouse click in the popup and select “Block Frame…”

a new filter rule will be displayed, you just must block the whole domain

Method 3 – Developer tools

with Firefox and Chrome developer tools you can choose the elemnt with inspector and delete it (canc key or right mouse click -> Delete node)

5 best uses of a Linux operating system

Generally i don’t write so much about Linux but this operating system is highly suitable for certain tasks/goals, let see them:


many programmers use Linux to develop applications, particularly about C, C++ and Java programming languages but also scripting languages like Perl and Python

web development
Linux is the optimal operating system for web sites and web apps (excluding .NET and SQL Server) development, many CMS recommand the use of this O.S.


most hacking tools are designed for Linux, there are also specific distros for hacking like Backtrack

file server

Linux is a very reliable operating system with a robust file system, it’s suitable to be used as file server

media server

for video-audio streaming using DLNA applications like PS3 Media Server and Twonky Server

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