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How to manage downtime during Exchange Migration

The one important problem everyone will face while performing migration is downtime. For most of the organizations lengthier downtime is unacceptable as it may cause huge loss to their organizations.

The Exchange Migration can be annoying task as it often causes downtime. If any employees lose their access to the mailboxes which means they can't work efficiently and it may create huge difference for any organizations. Therefore companies want to migrate to new environment with zero downtime.
Before Performing Exchange Migration we need follow some key points to avoid downtime.
[Immagine: exchange-migration.jpg]
  • Users who are planning for migration needs to have an effective plan which should be realistic and efficient and it needs to be evaluated and should have clear idea about the whole process.

  • Average time required for migration needs to be calculated to have a smooth migration.

  • Every information should be shared between people who are involved in process as the Communication plays a very important role here.
You can also go for third party toll like EdbMails Exchange Migration , Which completes the migration task with zero downtime.
  • This tool guarantees Zero down time as the currently deployed server will be continuously running and accessible during migration.

  • And the Migration operation has no effect on those mailboxes which is migrating. This ensures that users can maintain their workflow and it's completely usable during migration.

  • User can maintain workflow as the application puts no limitation to access of the server or respective mailboxes by users
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