Free and opensource soft December 2013

Most interesting free/opensource software links of December: ReIcon allows to save desktop icon layout. For Windows F-Secure Younited application that allows to keep all the files, photos, etc… of the various services like Picasa, Dropbox, Facebook etc… centralized Poet a free text editor like Notepad but with more features herdProtect a multiscanner anti-malware powered by… Read More »

How to download from file hosting sites with Mipony

Mipony is a free download manager that allows to easily download from file hosting sites. It’s available for Windows and Android too. It’s the big competitor of jDownloader. The program updates often and support many hosting, form the most famous Mega, DDLstorage, Netload, Easybytez, etc… (here the full list). Pay attention, the installation contains some… Read More »

Acronyms and Slang: the largest Acronyms and Slang meaning Dictionary online

Acronyms and Slang is a free service that allows to simply find the meaning of acronyms, urban slang and abbreviations online. The service collect the most complete base of Acronyms, Abbreviations and Slang meanings sorted it by categories. Actually 3.5M of Acronym and Slang meanings it’s in the database and it is growing and users… Read More »