Use Anti-Adblock Killer to block Adblock detectors

By | 16 December 2016

Many web sites use a mechanism, tipically a Javascript code, in order to verify if the web browser has an Adblock software enabled which block ads on websites, the most famous is AdBlock Plus.
If the Adblocking sofware is enabled, the website generally shows a popup that asks the user to disable it in order to continue read the content of the web site.

The purpose of Anti-Adblock Killer is to block these mechanisms that detects if a user is using an Adblock software.


In order to install Anti-Adblock Killer you just need to follow the instructions in the Github/Openuserjs page, which can be resumed in these steps:

1. You must have a ScriptManager installed in your web browser (Greasemonkey for Firefox, Tampermonkey for Chrome, Tampermonkey or Violentmonkey for Opera, Tampermonkey or NinjaKit for Safari, Tampermonkey for Edge).

2. Subcribe to FilterList from Github or author site.

3. Install Anti-Adblock Killer UserScript from Greasyfork/Openuserjs/Github/author site.

Author warns that this isn’t an universal solution for all Anti AdBlock scripts.


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