Why you should use Google Chrome browser

By | 28 February 2010

Chrome it’s the famous multiplatform (Windows, Mac, Linux) web browser by Google.
Why you should use this browser instead of Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari or Opera? (i mentioned the mous used and known).
Firstly because it’s open source and free, there is a big product support and it’s constantly highly developed; high performances thanks to WebKit engine (the same used by Safari browser), a huge amount of extensions available, and lastly a very good integration with (eg. Gmail, Wave, etc…)

Some statistics: after 16 mesi from it’s birth, it’s at third place about browsers usage (January 2010).

With the actual version 4 we find support to extensions (native support to Greasemonkey scripts), to webclips and other non ufficial addons over intergration of checking emails of Gmail inbox and bookmark syncronization on many computers within a Google account.
The new version offers a better rendering speed of web pages with an advantage about 42% on benchmarks vs previous release.

About performances an interesting article of Lifehacker with various tests made and Google Chrome results in first 2 places with development and stable versions (comparison with Firefox 3.6 and Opera 10.5).

Other interesting Google Chrome extensions sites:

Chrome extensions
Chrome eXtensions (italian)
Chrome plugins


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