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By | 17 October 2009

Here is a list of bookmarklets to save in own favourites and use when needed!

Map this select an address from web page and will shown on Google Map

Share on facebook share links, photos, videos etc… on Facebook

TwitThat and TwitThis as above but for Twitter

bit.ly url shortening with statistics

BugMeNot bypass sites registrations

Readability make a site better readable

Mobilize me transform content of a site being optimized for a mobile device

Password saver put username and password of a site and save in the browser

View passwords show hidden text from asterisks

Remove bloat remove elements like music, background images, etc… from sites

Take screenshot make a screenshot of the page

Convert This converts Youtube videos in downloadable format

Edit in Picnik edit and save all images in a site within Picnik web application

HTMLSource many various bookmarklets about validation, apply code, writing, search

XHTMLed as above

Bookrmarklets for navigation, page look, etc…

Milly’s bookmarklets very useful bookmarklets Google related

krapplack.de many bookmarklets divided by categories

acronym lookup highlight an acronym and use this bookmarklet it will be automatically translated

Google Translate use the famous online service

Wikipedia lookup highlight text and perform search on Wikipedia

edit website edit web content on the fly

customizeprint and printliminator print what you like from a web page

download as pdf (Firefox) download and convert web page in pdf

site info provides technical info about sites

Domain owner show info about site owner

Blummy organize your own bookmarklets

Jesse’s bookmarklets bookmarklets divided in various categories

Opera Wiki as above

PdfMeNot show pdf online


Iscriviti al gruppo Telegram Italian Spaghetti Geeks


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