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By | 1 July 2009

One antivirus is not enough!
Sometimes can be useful to scan files with more than one antivirus sofware to have more “responses”. For example to scan a downloaded files that our installed antivirus said that is ok, or for scan a file that our antivirus detect as a virus but we think that is a false positive, etc…
Naturally the solution to install various antivirus in one active O.S. is impossible, so there are on net some services that can help in that job, and they are free!
Here is the list:

VirusTotal (can also upload files with SSL, scan with 41 antivirus engines)

NoVirusThanks (max file upload 20Mb, scan with 24 antivirus engines)

VirSCAN (max file upload 20Mb, scan with 38 antivirus engines)

Jotti (max file upload 15Mb, scan with 20 antivirus engines)

Virus chief new service

Filter bit beta service often updated, statistic page is very interesting

Joebox sandbox application service to analyze malware

Metascan uses 17 antivirus engines

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