Use the plus RAM on Windows 32bit systems

By | 16 May 2009

After the article about memory management on Windows 32bit and 64bit systems, lets see now how we can dont waste the “surplus” memory on 32 bit with an hardware that as an amout of more that this architecture can handle.

Within the program Gavotte Ramdisk we can create a fixed media composed by “surplus” RAM, so very fast.

Useful to store remporarily files, cache browser, paging file.

For first thing extract the archive and launch ramdisk.exe. Click on “install ramdisk”: here we need to configure some options like disk size, drive letter, select “fixed media” and press the button “apply”.

You can now click OK and exit the application, the new RAMDISK will be now visible in My Computer.

To use RAMDISK as pagefile right-click My Computer and navigate to Properties -> Advanced -> Performance – Settings -> Advanced -> Virtual Memory – Change, now select the RAMDISK and set the pagefile.

NOTE: If the utility fails to recognize full installed RAM capacity, simply enable the PAE mode in BOOT.INI (as the previous article linked) and merge ram4g.reg registry file found in archive followed by an system reboot.


Alternativamente a Gavotte Ramdisk si può utilizzare VSuite Ramdisk Public edition (sempre gratuita) che ha più funzionalità esattamente come un software professionale di questo tipo. Support for Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 32 and 64 bit, the support of Vista is near.

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