Partition Assistant by Aomei provides a fully featured solution for Windows partition management.

Often basic Windows partition management features aren’t enough, main Partition Assistant 5 features are:

- One-click Extend Partition Wizard to fully use disk space
- Migrating Operating System to SSD or HDD
- Recover partition
- Create bootable disk

The wizard for O.S. migration to SSD or HD let you do the job easily without pain and comes useful when you make an upgrade of your pc or buy a new hard disk.

Partition Assistant is available in 3 versions, Home (free), Pro (36$ single license + free lifetime technical support, 46$ free lifetime upgrades) and Server (136$).

The Pro version offer a wide number of features suitable for every user needs.

The software run in Windows 8, Windows 7 (SP1 included), Vista, XP, 2000 (both 32bit and 64bit) and it’s multi language (support English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Chinese).


Thanks for a cooperation with Aomei you can win a license (for a total of 15) for the Pro version.
Follow carefully the rules in order to partecipate and to have a chance to win!

1. AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro Edition V5.1 is licensed per computer.
2. Each license allows installation on 1 computer.
3. Transfer of a license to another owned computer is not allowed.
4. You can install/register the software at any time.
5. Free email support is provided for the lifetime of the product

Who don’t get the free license i recommand to use the Home version which is free for home and business users, with this version you can benefit good disk and partition management features too.

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Small review of free/opensource scripts for web written in various languages (php, javascript, etc…) – September:

BigVideos jQuery plugin that allows to use videos for background

SiteCake fast and simple CMS in PHP, database not required

Really Simple Slideshow jQuery plugin that allows to crete a slider with images

Royal Slider jQuery plugin slider HTML contents (images, videos, text)

DbNinja it allows to manage MySQL databases via web interface, it requires PHP

Adaptor jQuery plugin content slider with 2d and 3d effects transictions

Onpub CMS that enables online publishing of custom, dynamic websites, it requires PHP and MySQL

Family Connections a CMS designed for families that allows to share discussions, pictures and videos

Youtube/Vimeo Player FX Flash component that allow to play video and audio both from your server and from Youtube/Vimeo

AmpJuke it allows to manage and streamyour music on a web server using a browser, it requires PHP and MySQL

netjukebox web-based media jukebox for MPD, VideoLAN and Winamp/httpQ

Windows 8 RTM (Release to Market) of the new Microsoft operating system will be released on 26 October, the main new features are:

- new Modern UI, also known as Metro (pic. 1)
it’s the start screen where you can not also run the classic desktop but you can open apps, access the Windows Store and download other apps (pic. 2), open mail client, start Bing search, open browser, listen music, view videos/photos and many more

- no longer Aero interface (pic. 3)
the famous transparency featured on Windows Vista and 7 has been replaced by a flat and “squared” interface Metro like style

- ReFS (Resilient File System) new file system that ensure more reliability and integrates an auto correction data system, it’s designed just for data storage, so it can’t be used on bootable disks and removable media. It will be integrated in Windows Server 8, where in the desktop-client version will be read only

- Charms Bar (pic. 4)
is the Metro style bar that appears on the right when you point the mouse on the top and bottom right corners. It allows you to access the search, Share, Start Screen, Devices and Settings

- Ribbon (pic. 5)
The new Windows Explorer interface

- WinRT (fig. 6)
Windows Runtime is a UI model programming that includes the new Metro look and a set of API that allows to interact with hardware and uses these programming languages: HTML/Javascript , C#/XAML, C++/XAML.

- Native support for ISO and VHD (Virtual Hard Disk – format used by Hyper-V or Virtual PC virtualization software) mounting (pic. 7)

- Refresh and reset (pic. 8)
both allows to reinstall Windows but the first keep all the user data, applications and settings while the second no

- Integrated antivirus (pic. 9)
Microsoft Security Essentials is now integrated in the OS

- New task manager (pic. 10)

- Start button and Gadgets removed (pic. 11)
an hot corner has replaced the Start button orb in the lower left of the screen, when the mouse is over a little stylized image of the Start screen appears; Gadgets have been fully removed

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The links to various free/opensource programs most useful and interesting of August:

RadioZilla for Windows (XP / Vista / 7) and Mac, it allows to listen and record hundreds of radio worldwide

Toolwiz Pretty Photo free image editor with various features and offers over 30 professional filters, lightweight as is just 3Mb, for Windows XP/Vista/7/8

ACDSee Free famous image viewer now available also for free

Easybrake it allows to convert video formats by an easy GUI

Image Backup for Windows 8 designed for the new Microsoft OS, it allows to create system images and prevent data loss

WiFiProtector for Windows XP/Vista/7, it scans all the wi-fi networks you use on regular basis for any security problems and helps to protect you online

Skip Metro Suite it allows to skip the new Modern UI of Windows 8 and go directly to desktop

Montly post about the best web design related resources links selected by me: vectors, icons, Photoshop, tutorials, 3d models, fonts

Dirt2 tutorials, vectors, fonts, brushes

DJDesignerLab Photoshop, design, WordPress, inspiration, freebies, etc…

Cianografica italian blog about graphic, resources, tools, tutorials and web design

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