The links to various free/opensource programs most useful and interesting of June:

FileFort backup software that allow to backup your data in CD, DVD, BluRay, USB flash drives, FTP

Cloud System Booster clean and optimize your PC with a cloud-based approach

Convertidor de Videos convert between audio and video popular formats, easy to use

DeEgger Embedder steganografy software, it allows to hide files inside multimedia files (images, videos, audio)

Ezvid Movie Maker alternative for video makers, screen recorder feature, upload in Youtube and many more

E.M.Free DVD Photo Slideshow it allows to create photo slideshow to DVD/VCD/SVCD/Blu-ray discs

Verity parental control and child monitoring software

GeekUninstaller alternative software to default Windows uninstaller

ClickGaGa it allows to easily listen and record internet radio

MP3 Toolkit all in one mp3 utilities: convert, rip, merge, cut, tag edit and record MP3

Multi commander fully featured file manager for Windows in alternative to Total Commander shareware

Spotflux Windows and Mac software that ensure better protection against virus and malware, use encrypted and secure connection, browsing without being tracked

Montly post about the best web design related resources links selected by me:

Tutorial9 tutorials on photography, Adobe products, web development, downloads, inspiration

Ui Parade User Interface galleries and elements downloads

the design work graphics, web design, freebies, photography, inspiration, video production, tutorials

XOO plate big resource to download PSD, vectors, icons, logos, patterns, etc…

An IP address can be public (that’s it provided by your ISP) and private (the address associated to connected devices in a local network).
You can setup your own private IP adress by assigning a static or dynamic address. In the first case we decide the exact IP address we want associate respecting some criteria (IP range, correct subnet mask); in the second case the address is dynamically provided by the router within DHCP (Dynamic Host Control Protocol) and it will change each time the network connection is started/restarted.

It’s suggested to setup a static IP address in these cases:

- you need specific TCP/UDP ports opened (some programs to works correctly need to have specific ports opened in the router)

- home server (if you want to use your pc as a local server eg. web, ftp, etc… a static IP address best supports name resolution, so that a computer can be most reliably reached over the network by its host / domain name)

Moreover using static IP addresses on home networks gives somewhat better protection against network security problems than does DHCP address assignment.

To setup a static IP address you firstly have to identify your router IP address. In Windows commands prompt just type ipconfig

Like in the image example is the dynamic IP address assigned, is the router IP address.

You just need to go in the Properties of your network connection, then in the properties of Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and change it.
Naturally you must choose one in the valid range ( – and use the correct subnet mask (see schema), in this case as the IP address is in the class C the subnet will be
Lastly setup primary and secondary DNS (you just need to write the IP address of your router in the first field and automatically it will be used the DNS server provided by your ISP, or you can use public DNS servers with the advantages that comes: no restrictions on web sites, best performances)

To apply these changes you must restart your network connection. Retype ipconfig command you will notice that now it will be used the static IP address you manually setup before.

ManyCam and SplitCam are two free software for Windows XP / Vista / 7 (ManyCam is also available for Mac) that allows to use videos as source for own webcam in an easily way. Specifically you can create playlists, loop mode available, various formats supported (AVI, WMV, MPEG, FLV, etc…)

Once the program is running you just need to change settings in video preferences of your instant messaging (MSN, Skype etc…) by selecting ManyCam or SplitCam from the list of devices; same thing for the cam chat via web (modify Adobe Flash preferences as in the image below)

The download of the week for RSS readers of my blog, Facebook fan page and Twitter profile: Update Freezer

It’s a simple program that allows to enable/disable software updates (eg. browser/Java/Adobe etc…), the author gives some reasons why this could come useful eg. slow/costly internet connection, need to keep system intact, doing a selective update of just some software.

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