Free and opensource soft February 2013

Most interesting February free/opensource software links:

FileXare file transfer & instant messaging between PCs over LAN

Hokrain audio player with many features, many file types supported

Milouz Market it allows to download and install automatically a list of famous piece of software

PassLook useful password manager for Windows and Mac OS

PerspectiveImageCorrection perspective correction of images

Picture Information Extractor import, rename, view, organize metadata info of images

Shutter multifunctional shutdown utility

CTFileFilter helps users to easily search, extract, filter, and collate data from raw data files quickly and efficiently

EagleGet all in one downloader (with Youtube grabber)

EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation Edition 5.6 review and contest

Todo Backup Workstation is the fully featured Windows solution for backup and disaster recovery suitable both for home and business users.

The version 5.6 has a newly designed user interface and fixed some issues. Its main features are:

– efficient system backup and recovery
– over full backup you can perform differential and incremental backup types as well as schedule backups
– full support dynamic volume and GPT disk for all tasks (backup, recovery and cloning)
– backup to tape devices, NAS (network attached storage), external hard drive, USB flash drive,optical disks, etc
– backup network data, including network shared file on NAS and Windows
– built-in WinPE based bootable disk
– system snapshot for a fast system state backup and recovery
– restore system to dissimilar hardware (P2P)
– backup e-mail in Outlook
– multiple languages supported (English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano & 日本語)

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Best web sites for designer deals

There are web sites that have deals for designers and developers; a nice way to save money for who is into this job.

Mighty Deals
Inspired Deals

Start programming with iOS and Android

Do you wanna start programming for iOS and Android? Let see all what you need.

To develop native iOS apps:

– a Mac with latest OS X version (for Linux and Windows users there are 2 workarounds, use a Mac within a cloud service or within a virtual machine)

iOS SDK and Xcode

Subscribing to Apple Developer Program you will get all tools to develop, test and distribuite your apps in the Itunes store.

The kit includes Xcode, the development environment, iOS Simulator to test/devug the apps, instruments to collect, display, and compare performance of own apps and an Interface Builder, a tool to generate interfaces.

You can also benefit of a cohomprensive documentation as well as video tutorials, a support forum and various code samples.

The projects can be executed in the development environment and also exported as runtime app (.ipa) and then published in the store.

The programming language used is Objective C.

If you wanna learn more i suggest this great article by Smashing Magazine

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Why using a password manager is useful

Often you must remember lot of passwords to access web sites and services, a password manager simplify your life with many advantages:

– only one access to remember (that one of the password manager)

– better security

– logins are not lost when you erase browser data

There are various free password managers, a list of most famous and used:

LastPass available for Windows, Mac and Linux, for various browsers and also as mobile app

KeePass is also opensource, there are also Mac, Linux and mobile ports available, it support translations and plugins

Nortono Identity Safe for Windows, sync between various devices and works in the cloud