WordPress forms are not a problem any more with Formidable Pro! This amazing plugin by Strategy 11 allows any WordPress user to create, manage and style forms visually without use any HTML/CSS code.

The plugin comes with 2 versions: lite (which is free and includes 1 template: contact form) and pro (single license costs $47 and unlimited license costs $117, both includes 4 templates).

Formidable has a very intuitive interface that lets you create drag and drop forms and customize every field by editing their labels and options (eg. if a field is required, add css layout classes).
It also integrates with WP reCAPTCHA and Akismet for spam control.

With the lite version you have 6 fields available, the pro version has 24 fields available in total.

Once you have built your form you can preview it and insert in pages, posts, or text widgets with the shortcode [ formidable id=x ]

In the form settings panel you can set advanced form options such select an email address to send form responses, customize the submit button text, set action after submission (display a message, display content from another page, redirect to URL, limit access to see and submit forms for example only to logged-in users)

Entries are saved in database: you can view, search, export to csv and bulk delete them.
Collected data can be displayed in lists, calendars, and other formats as well as having graphical reports and statistics of submitted entries.

With Formidable Pro you also have access to add-ons which extends its features and give you more possibilities like send users to PayPal after submission, subsribe users to MailChimp/AWeber mailing lists, register users and edit profiles, math captcha, add signature fields and more.

Advanced users who are familiar with PHP and WordPress can expand the possibilities and flexibility of the plugin by adding code to functions.php of their theme or a new plugin. There are several action and filter hooks available.


I think Formidable Pro is a great plugin at a very reasonable price (moreover is one time fee and you will benefit future upgrades for free and Help Desk Access for both single and unlimited license, for this last one you also have priority support) suitable for any user needs, from creating basic forms without any trouble to advanced and complex forms with full control of them.


Thanks to a cooperation with Strategy 11 they kindly provide a license for Formidable Pro.

Follow carefully the rules in order to partecipate and to have a chance to win, good luck!

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