Facebook security

Security is a very important subject especially related to social networks.
You should not underestimante all the risks, especially caused by bad practices of Facebook users, that can compromise own profile.

Here some simple suggestions recommanded to all Facebook users.

– Don’t open videos (or better to say fake videos) that try to capture your attention (if you are tagged simply ignore them). They can lead you to sites containing malware or they can induce you download some dangerous software.

– Always log out. Don’t forget to log out if there is potential for someone else to use the same device.

– Always check to use HTTPS protocol.

– Enable Login Notifications: go to your Security Settings, click on the Login Notifications section, check the box next to the type of alerts you’d like to receive and save your changes.
In this way an alert will be sent each time someone logs into your account from a new place.

– Change privacy settings about display your e-mail address in your profile if they are set to Public.

– Use a strong password.

– Enable Login Approvals (you can find it in Security Settings). Turning it on you will be asked to enter a special code each time you try to access your Facebook account from a new place.

– Don’t access Facebook from unknown/untrusted devices (eg. Internet points).

– Use a secure browser (eg. Google Chrome) and check that is always updated.

– Don’t use suspicious apps (some Facebook applications can capture personal info without your knowledge).

– Don’t submit your login data outside the “official” Facebook login form.

– Do not share or save your Facebook password.

– Always check the URL when you are logging in. Phishing scams are often executed with a fake login page that appears identical to the actual Facebook login page.

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Most interesting free and opensource software of June:

Battery Optimizer

Battery Optimizer is battery diagnostic sofware for Windows.


CloneApp is a useful Windows software for backup program settings (from Windows directories and registry).

ESET AV Remover

ESET AV Remover allows to easily uninstall various Antivirus software.


Bleep is a multiplatform software for private and secure messaging.


Sunshine is a multiplatform software that allows share files without cloud storage.

Slack HipChat Flowdock

In a workgroup the communication is the base, so you need the proper tool that make the collaboration easy.
Skype and Google Hangouts maybe are the most famous, they are free and allows to start a chat and video conversation both via desktop and mobile.

But there are many other tools that are designed especially for a team with unique features, let see the most used:

Slack is free, you can create open channels for the projects, groups and topics that the whole team shares. Channels include messages, files & comments, inline images and video and integration with popular services like Twitter, Dropbox and Google Drive. Complete history and search whole conversations, not just individual messages.

HipChat, the basic version is free and include Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android native apps, group and IM chat, guest access, unlimited integrations (they are a lot), 5gb storage and search message history until 25,000 messages; the plus version has more features.

Flowdock is free for teams of five and non-profits, the paid plan has a montly price of 3$ per uuser. Groups are organized into flows, you can mention users like in Twitter, drag and drop uploads, desktop and mobile notifications, threaded chat and many more.

Campfire is free for 4 users and 10mb storage, there are various paid plan. It’s web based so doesn’t require installation, native iOS app available.

Kato the free version has various features like unlimited team members, searchable messages, storage, integrations, screensharing, mobile apps and more.

Grove, paid, is an hosted IRC service that includes a modern web interface, some features are: search, a complete archive, and integrations with GitHub, BitBucket and Heroku.

Other services to mention: Honey and Sqwiggle.

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italiano.

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