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Best free alternatives to uninstall Windows software

Often the built in Windows feature that allows to uninstall installed programs doesn’t work the best, there are other good free alternatives to use.

If the software aren’t uninstalled properly they can leave the hard disk not clean (folders, files) and the same for Windows Registry.
These uninstallers sofware try to clean the pc in deep by deleting any trace of the installed software.

You can use these free software:

CCleaner the popular cleaning software integrates an installation feature from the latest versions.

IObit Uninstaller is another powerful software, support all Windows software.

Revo Uninstaller Free it’s one of the most known program in its category. Doesn’t uninstall 64 bit software.

Comodo Programs Manager utility produced by the software house famous for security products.

Wise Program Uninstaller has the advantage to be small and doesn’t require installation.

Advanced Uninstaller Pro is free but offers third party promotional software.

GeekUninstaller simple and fast, has a minimal interface, doesn’t require installation.

Free software review November 2015

Most interesting free and opensource software of November:

Tor Messenger is a new messaging system that can connect with Facebook, Twitter, Google Talk, Jabber and IRC.

Vivaldi is a new browser web launched in beta that has gained lot popularity.

dupeGuru is a multiplatform software (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X) that allows to easily find duplicate files.

Kodi: more than a simple media center

Kodi is a multiplatform (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, mobile, Raspberry, ecc…) opensource media center software, it can play music, videos, pictures in many formats.

Due to a great popularity there is also a Linux distribution called OpenELEC (Open Embedded Linux Entertainment Center).

Once installed Kodi you need to properly configure it.
You can set the language interface (default English) in Settings – Appareance – International.

Enable Live TV

One of the most interesting feature of Kodi is that it support streaming sources.
To enable it follow the guide How to setup LiveTV PVR IPTV Simple Client Kodi XBMC
Once you enabled it you can configure the PVR IPTV Simple Client to point a local or remote .m3u playlist.

The addons

Kodi as support addons is a fully featured software.

Go to System – Add-On you can install addons from a repository ir choose to add locally from a zip file.
Kodi has 2 official repository, kodi.tv Add-ons and kodi.tv PVR Add-ons.

There are also many unofficial addons developed by third party.

SuperRepo is one of them, a repository with over 2900 addons available ready to be installed.
You just need to follow instructions in Install page.
There are many types of addons, they are divided by categories (Audio, Pictures, Programs, Video).

Another big repository is TV ADDONS, you just need to follow instructions step by step in Install Addons.
There are over 1300 Addons in various categories.

You can also install the addons by search and download them from internet, as i wrote Kodi allows to load the zip files.

Some useful sites for Kodi addons:

HTPC Beginner