Free software review September 2016

Most interesting free and opensource software of the month:

VueMinder Calendar Lite the most fully featured desktop calendar app: sync with Google, subscribe to web calendars, attach files to events, backup and restore data, etc…

O&O ShutUp10 tools that allows you to control various advanced privacy settings if you use Windows 10 O.S.

Registry Recycler Portable allows to scan and clean Windows registry.

Iridium Chromium based browser focused on privacy.

Ramme unofficial cross platform Instagram client.

Keep your WordPress blog in health

If you have a self hosted WordPress blog (so not hosted on there are important tools you should use to keep it health, over the basic tasks you must perform (keep your WordPress blog version, themes and the various plugins always updated).

More articles you have published more you need to do maintenance.
When the articles are a lot it’s difficult to keep track all the links inserted.
A great tool (available as WordPress plugin) is Broken Link Checker, it performs a scan of all the links (images includes) and notifies if they are no longer valid / unreacheable.

If your media library is becoming huge another good plugin is WP Smush, it optimize all of your images by resizing them.

It’s important to do maintenance of your WordPress database. A fully featured plugin is WP-Optimize, it has various clean options (post revisions, auto drafts, spam comments and comments in trash, unapproved comments, etc…) plus it allows to optimize the tables of your WordPress database.

Security is an important topic. Expire passwords plugin asks users to change their passwords on a regular basis.

If you use Google Webmaster Tools check periodically that there aren’t problems.

August 2016 best Android apps

Google Duo is the anti Facetime app developed by Google, it allows you to make one-on-one video calls with other people.

Opera Free VPN is a free VPN service, it allows to access blocked content by Countries.

Prisma the photo app of the moment, it allows to apply modern art filters.

WallRey app that allows to choose wallpapers between a huge collection of high def photos.

Android: scan APK before install them

.APK are the installation files of Android applications (packages).
Over the Play Store you can download apps from other sources and then transfer them to the device (this is also called sideload), also you enabled the Unknown sources option in Security settings of your device you can install the APKs.

But there is a problem, the APK you download from unknown sources could contain viruses/malware.
Before you install them a scan is highly recommanded.
There are various online scan services, as they use different engines the results are reliable:


Most interesting Bitcoin services

Bitcoin is a virtual money (or better cryptomoney) based on P2P. For their features is used especially by hackers or who develop and deploy ramsonware, but not only.
How Bitcoin works? A good starting point can be the FAQ on official site.

You can buy Bitcoin using various services (read below), even with Ebay or collect with mining process.
To use Bitcoin you must have a wallet that allows start making payments with merchants and users.

How can you use Bitcoin?
A Reddit user has asked members of the Bitcoin subreddit how they spend their bitcoins on an everyday basis. From Food Delivery to Electronics, from Gaming to Gift Cards, etc…

Due to increasing popularity there are various Bitcoin services, here a list of the most useful:

Coinmill is a currency converter, from BTC to USD/EUR etc… and viceversa is another currency converter
Snapcard and Coinbase are two popular wallets, they allows to easily buy and sells Bitcoin.
LocalBitcoins allows to easily buy and sell Bitcoin.
Coinmap is a global map of Bitcoin accepting venues.
Bitpay is a trusted payment platform